|Rag rug making|

This is our hub for all our rag rug making pages. We hope you like them.

Rag rugger

This is our ‘flagship product’ and faraway best seller. It’s based on a Victorian favourite that went out of production mid C20th. We’ve redesigned it for the modern age in 1991 and have been making it ever since.


Pictures from some of the expo’s we’ve had a stand at. We’ve been to a lot of shows over the years.

Gambia rug making

A page of pics, and info, of beautiful rag rugs made in The Gambia. The makers get to sell theire work here in the UK – all co-ordinated by Kath Mayall of Bristol.

Shaggy rag rugs

This was our book about rag rug making. It was going very well [better than we’d expected!] until the publisher went out of business.

Rug pics

Collected pics of rag rugs made by may people.


Alternative tools and working methods.


A bit of a Christmas favourite but still good for the rest of the year as well.


We make them ourselves for our own tools and are people find them very handy too, we’re pleased to be able to say!