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Latest update: Friday 18th January

The good news is the next batch of purple unlined bags will be here early next week; the bad news is we’re now out of orange unlined bags as well. More of them also coming in in the same delivery. Sorry to anyone who wants them in the meantime. We have all our other rag rug making goodies in stock and are posting all orders the same, or next working day as usual.

Also still haven’t added the new 12oz hessian [to go with our new 6mm fine hook for rag rug making on a finer scale] to our shop. Sorry – it’s that time of year when everything gets very busy [no complaints on that score, though!]. In the meantime we can still take orders for it by phone [07796112366 or 01566 779136].

More news from Chris Corey – rag rug making enthusiast, demonstrator, teacher and in charge of getting all our orders posted promptly! Chris is making more of her other craft passion: making Mosaics using up-cycled crockery; her website is fragment2form.co.uk 

Good news! We’ve had more unlined hessian bags in and got a better price. And we’re passing the saving on again. The new price is £2.20 [reduced from £2.85] for the same quality unlined hessian bags, specially made to be decorated with craftwork. Rag rug making has to be top of that list! And, having had a surge in demand, we have fresh supplies.

Hooray!  At last we’ve just got our new 6mm rug hooks listed for rag rug making on a finer scale – the existing, 8mm, ones are very popular, we’re very glad to be able to say, but a number of people have asked for a smaller size. Now, after much setting up and testing, the first lot are available and are the same price as our standard ones.

Thanks very much for all the nice comments about this rag rug making video, How to make a rag rug, we’re very glad it’s so popular!

Here are a few more links to demonstration videos: How to make a rag rug  || How to use the spider tool  || How to use the cutting gauge  || How to hem your rag rug ||  How to make a rag rug using plastic carrier bags  || Using the Pinking scissors gauge ||How to make a Christmas Wreath using a rag rug tool.

We’ve been making the tools for traditional rag rug making, that’s the rag rugs that used to be so popular in Britain, Australia & New Zealand since 1990. We usually post all orders the same, or next, working day. 

We do not store credit card details  nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties  Terms&Conditions

We make all the tools ourselves down in beautiful Cornwall 

Some of the latest pics visitors have kindly sent us. Plenty more in our Gallery

Sandra Smith sent us this email: “Thank you for the super fast delivery of my rag rugger tool,I am eager to put it to good use very soon.I have already made two rugs from Harris twead fabric which is just waste from my sons upholstery business.So it’s win win as nothing going into landfill and it is making a useful rug at no extra cost.”

Sandra also sent us these two pics [pretty good use of scrap material!]

Cherry Abrams has had the clever idea to make a small Christmas wreath to surround a tea-light on a table top, with rag rug making, as a very attractive decoration and has been kind enough to share a pic [below]. Please remember the candle must be in a jar to keep the heat of the tea-light from the wreath and to only use natural fibres to make it as man-made fibres can be a fire hazard.

A rag flower

Latest pic from Ruth Bartholomew just goes to show rag rugging doesn’t have to be for something to stand on, it can be 3D art!

Making best use

Ruth Bartholomew kindly sent us these pics of 3 rugs she’s made. Ruth says she cut old garments into long strips for crocheting and uses small pieces for making rag rugs. We like that – nothing goes to waste!

It’s amazing what a bit of rug hooking can do!
Bag decorated by Jude, in Gwynedd.

Rug made for mining museum
Brian Naylor made this rug, and others, for Lancashire Mining Museum, in Astley. What a great way to make use of a hobby. More pics from Brian in our gallery.

Heritage clock
Janet White shared this pic of the rag rug clock face she made, using Leeds Rhinos colours, showing the time her grandson was born. What a brilliant idea and a beautiful rug!


Rag rug for camper

Judith visited Nina & Chris on their Stitches Show stand at Westpoint, Exeter and decided to make her own rag rug for her camper conversion. She made it over a weekend and kindly send us a pic of it. Very attractive it is, too. Thanks, Judith!





Rag rugs, rag rugging, rag mats, clippy, spring clip, clootie, proddy, proggy, bodged, peg, pegged – call ’em what you like, this site is all about the old favourite ‘hard times’ rag rugs and how to make them. We make a range of rag rug tools to our design including our rag rugger [as used by Kirstie Allsopp on her craft series a little while back], cutting gauge, hook and more. We can also offer expert advice on virtually all aspects of rag rug making. We’ve made all the tools ourselves for over 25 years when we revived the traditional UK ‘hard times’ craft by redesigning the Victorian tool for the modern age, it still works in exactly the same way though.

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