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Here’s a great idea: Carole, in Kent, is one of the people who was waiting for us to get our unlined hessian bags back in stock. Carole likes rag rug making but is also into needle-felting. She made this stylish bag by putting a board under a sponge inside the bag and then needle-felted her design right through the side of the bag. What a great idea! And another great idea: Carole is one of the many people who are rightly concerned about the cruel practice of ‘mulesing’ sheep. So Carole gets her wool from ethical suppliers and favours wool from local farms. Here’s a pic of the bag. Thanks Carole!


Still not a happy subject but we feel we should mention the coronavirus situation. We are still able to make all the tools in our own workshop and understand online traders are allowed, and encouraged, to keep offering their products. The stalwart folk in our local post office are also still providing their usual excellent service so we’re still able to post all orders the same, or next, working day. We are, of course, taking extreme care over handling goods and parcels are reckoned [by official advice] to be safe. We’re depending heavily on internet shopping ourselves.
We sincerely hope all our customers and visitors are safe and well and all those who are indulging in craftwork at home are happy with their creative pastime. 

In response to the requests for rag rug making tutorials the quickest thing we can offer is this link to Nina Corey demonstrating the basic technique.  We hope this is helpful. 

Here are a few more links to demonstration videos: How it’s done  || How to use the spider tool  || How to use the cutting gauge  || How to make a hem || Using plastic carrier bags  || Using the Pinking scissors gauge ||How to make a Christmas Wreath

Lorraine Dally has visited Nina & Chris a several shows and has been kind enough to share this pic of the fox hooked rug she made. What a lovely rug and what a lovely way to share when the shows have all had to take a break! Thanks Lorraine.

We wanted to show appreciation and support for all those working so hard in the NHS so we’ve put a rainbow rag rug in our window.


Rob Bacon kindly sent us this pic of the first rug he’s made using our tools. Looks pretty good to us! Well packed with a great mix of colours. Thanks Rob!


Mary Keeling really likes highland cattle and rag rug making so she’s combined the two to make ‘Hamish’

Mary also made this rag rug for her friend, Jane. Jane likes ligthouses and windmills. Clever stuff!

A customer sent us this pic of the hooked rag rug she made to her own excellent design. It’s going to be a present so she didn’t want us to use her name, though she certainly deserves credit!

Ruth Bartholomew has been doing interesting experiments with different materials. This one is made from felt strips. It must have taken a lot of cutting but what a marvellous heavy-duty rag rug it made. Ruth has some more ideas and we’ll post pics soon.

Here’s a couple of pics showing another good idea by Ruth Bartholomew. She’s used anti-slip matting, as a backcloth, instead of hessian. Ideal for anyone who’s allergic to hessian and the pics show it works. Thanks Ruth!

Top side


Ruth’s done it again! This time it’s a rug that must feel as gorgeous as it looks because it’s made from sweatshirt fabric

In response to the requests for rag rug making tutorials the quickest thing we can offer is this link to Nina Corey demonstrating the basic technique.  We hope this is helpful. 

Here are a few more links to demonstration videos: How it’s done  || How to use the spider tool  || How to use the cutting gauge  || How to make a hem || Using plastic carrier bags  || Using the Pinking scissors gauge ||How to make a Christmas Wreath

Now it’s three weeks at our new premises for us, after 20 years where we were! Being a very small, family business that means home and business.  Thanks very much to the gentleman who phoned our mobile and let us know our landline number was still at the old address. Whoops! All up to date now.
We have some new pics to share and will upload them asap [still a lot of sorting out to do after the move].


Thanks very much to Janet White for this pic. Janet has made very crafty use of her rag rug making tools to please her domino mad family. That should do the trick and we’re resisting the temptation to say it’s a dotty idea! 

Here’s some timely inspiration: Rachel Lockwood saw a rag rug offered for sale in a market and got the idea to make one herself. She bought the necessary rag rug making tools, from our online shop, in October and has made the 1 metre x 1.5 metre rag rug pictured below for her daughter. Wow! Thank you so much, Rachel, for letting us share the picture.

Kath Mayall sent us a pic of this rag rug from her project to offer help to people in Gambia by bringing the rugs they’ve made back to the UK and forwarding them all the money. It’s a beautiful rug, as ever. The very best of luck to her. More from Kath.

Here’s a brilliant idea sent to us by a customer who bought a rag rug making kit from Nina at her stand at Event City Manchester recently. Nina’s customer prefers not to be named but we couldn’t resist sharing the idea: tiny rag rugs made to protect a new laminate floor from the feet of a bed. You just know shop-bought floor protector cups will be made from plastic which makes this idea doubly good. Check out the pic:
By the way, we’d love to share any more ideas like this.


Thanks to Jill Ruiz, of Gloucester, who sent us a pic of her recent rag rug making workshop. The pic shows the group saluting with the rag rug making tools we sent, and arrived in the nick of time, after a problem in the post. The rag rug makers all look like they’re having such a good time we asked it we could publish the pic. Thanks for saying ‘yes’, Jill. Long may the rug making fun continue!


We do appreciate your support, we have been making our rag rug tools by hand in a shed in Cornwall for over 26 years, and each tool is hand tested before we send it on it’s way to a new home. We use sustainable beech and only use upcycled cloth on our rugs. No materials are imported and we buy local, therefore we keep our carbon footprint low.

Did you know that many charity shops have clothes and duvet covers that are unable to be sold due to missing buttons, broken zips etc. This material gets sold in bulk for paper making, but they are often happy to sell it at a very cheap price, just ask in your local shop. It’s already washed and ready to use for your next project!

Chris Corey, rag rug maker and teacher, has another string to her bow – she also makes mosaics using up-cycled broken vintage china. She has her own website for it [fragment2form.co.uk] but now also has some of her work in our shop on this site, because we have secure status. The mosaics are all on page 2 of our shop.

Thank you very much to Philippa Lowe for sending us this pic of the rag rug she made, in sea colours, at Branscombe last week. She took the pic on the beach where it goes perfectly. What a brilliant idea!

Brian Naylor kindly sent this picture of an amazing angel made for his local church last autumn. It’s made entirely from recycled materials and stands 4′ 6″ high!

Thanks Brian, it was angelic of you to send this!

Thanks to Jane Mitchell for the pic she’s just sent us of her first rag rug. Jane said:

I visited the craft show in Manchester on 1st February and bought one of your rug making kits. I’ve always been fascinated with rag rugs and something I’ve always wanted to do.
I’m sending you a picture of my first attempt, I finished it yesterday.
Many thanks for inspiring me to do this most enjoyable pastime.
Kind regards, Jane Mitchell

Thank you Jane! We love your rug – you obviously have an eye for colour. 

We’ve had a very interesting old rag rug making tool extremely kindly sent to us by Angela Jones in Kentucky USA. She bought it in a local sale but it was made, quite some time ago, in the UK. It has a UK provisional patent number which we haven’t been able to trace. It looks experimental and doesn’t really do the job, though it certainly does seem to be meant for rag rug making . The teeth rip thick cloth; the hole under the teeth makes thin cloth fall out of it. We’ve been trying to find out more about it but have drawn a blank. If anyone knows anything about it we’d love to hear from them. And, of course, we’re hugely grateful to Angela! Here’s some pics:

More news from Chris Corey – rag rug making enthusiast, demonstrator, teacher and in charge of getting all our orders posted promptly! Chris is making more of her other craft passion: making Mosaics using up-cycled crockery; her website is fragment2form.co.uk 

Hooray!  At last we’ve just got our new 6mm rug hooks listed for rag rug making on a finer scale – the existing, 8mm, ones are very popular, we’re very glad to be able to say, but a number of people have asked for a smaller size. Now, after much setting up and testing, the first lot are available and are the same price as our standard ones.

Thanks very much for all the nice comments about this How to make a rag rug video, Click here, we’re very glad it’s so popular!

Here are a few more links to demonstration videos: How it’s done  || How to use the spider tool  || How to use the cutting gauge  || How to make a hem || Using plastic carrier bags  || Using the Pinking scissors gauge ||How to make a Christmas Wreath

We make all the tools ourselves down in beautiful Cornwall

Makings has been making the tools for traditional rag rug making, that’s the rag rugs that used to be so popular in Britain, Australia & New Zealand since 1990. We usually post all orders the same, or next, working day.

We do not store credit card details  nor do we share customer details with any 3rd partiesTerms&Conditions

Some of the latest pics visitors have kindly sent us. Plenty more in our Gallery

We’ve had a pic very kindly shared with us, by Pam Bolton, of her amazing rag rug. Pam uses our standard hook and our new fine hook. Here’s her incredible rag rug Queen of Hearts:

Pam runs workshops beside the Carlisle Settle Railway line. She can be contacted by email [pamelabolton@hotmail.co.uk]. 

Thanks very much to Sheena Groom who visited the rag rug making stand at Manchester’s Event City and, later, sent this photo and comment.

Sheena said:
Hello, I was chatting to you on the stand on Thursday [Feb 2019] at event city. I was talking about the cute doggy piccys. I’ve bought a kit at previous show n just finished a small rug for my cats bed. You’d said to send a piccy, so ere it is! Lol, not big but I’m pleased with it. The tools are great and easy to use.

Thank you

Somebody has to say it…That rug looks purrrfect for a cat’s bed!

Writing on the rug

Janet White sent us a pic of her latest rug. Clever stuff and a beautiful rug. Her take on tile art. Looks like Janet’s made rag rug making mightier than the pen!

Sandra Smith sent us this email: “Thank you for the super fast delivery of my rag rugger tool, I am eager to put it to good use very soon. I have already made two rugs from Harris twead fabric which is just waste from my sons upholstery business.So it’s win win as nothing going into landfill and it is making a useful rug at no extra cost.”

Sandra also sent us these two pics [pretty good use of scrap material!]

A rag flower

Latest pic from Ruth Bartholomew just goes to show rag rug making doesn’t have to be for something to stand on, it can be 3D art!

Making best use

Ruth Bartholomew kindly sent us these pics of 3 rugs she’s made. Ruth says she cut old garments into long strips for crocheting and uses small pieces for making rag rugs. We like that – nothing goes to waste!

It’s amazing what a bit of rug hooking can do!
Bag decorated by Jude, in Gwynedd.


Rag rugs, rag rugging, rag mats, clippy, spring clip, clootie, proddy, proggy, bodged, peg, pegged – call ’em what you like, this site is all about the old favourite ‘hard times’ rag rugs and how to make them. We make a range of rag rug tools to our design including our rag rugger [as used by Kirstie Allsopp on her craft series a little while back], cutting gauge, hook and more. We can also offer expert advice on virtually all aspects of rag rug making. We’ve made all the tools ourselves for over 25 years when we revived the traditional UK ‘hard times’ craft by redesigning the Victorian tool for the modern age, it still works in exactly the same way though.

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