Makings small tool handles

Makings small tool handles

We make these handles to fit our own range of craft tools. They are ergonomically shaped and designed to be versatile and so are suited to a very wide range of repairs and improvisations. To make them fit as many tools as possible they are pre-drilled, dead centre, with a 6mm dia, hole [approx. 50mm deep] and come supplied with wall plugs to enable them to fit any size tool shank from 1mm to 10mm.

Each pack contains: 5 x handles; 5 x 6mm plastic wall plugs; 5 x 7mm plastic wall plugs.

We make these handles from sustainable hardwood [usually steamed beech] with a fine sanded and waxed finish. The ferrule is nickel-plated carbon steel and dimpled on for a permanent fit. Approx size each handle: 3½”x1” [87mm x 25mm].

These handles are ideal for repair/replacement or first fit for a very wide range of small hand tools and are just the thing for any artisan who likes to improvise or makes bespoke small tools.

They are especially suitable for anyone who like to use a crochet hook for very fine hooking but finds gripping it hard on the knuckles! 

Pack of 5 available in our online shop now.